Music at Covid era.

As it is well known, this has been and continues to be, a difficult period for most of us and it has left behind the whole category of artists, including all the activities of entertainment workers.
We need active support more than ever to be able to restart and continue to produce new things.
Art feeds on spectators, fans, buyers.

 We need you today.

In 2019 we had recorded our first CD, singing and playing such of beautiful covers.
In 2020 we made beautiful t-shirts with Es Deux logo in two different color versions.

In 2021 we would like to produce our second CD but the first of original songs and in order to produce it we need your support.

We have our last 150 “Roots & Bones” CD + t-shirt for only 15 € plus shipping fees.

A Little price will make you active part of our new independent production.

Check it out in the shop section and catch your gift for Christmas!

we need your support!

thanks a lot and music on!